Is your remote location is safe ? we have a solution if you are worried.

The main objective of this proposal is to develop suitable technique to prevent loss of business by avoiding or minimize unexpected events or failure of the critical equipment at your offices or your business locations.

What is needed is an intelligent solution to remotely monitor the status and alarms at these sites, resulting in early fault diagnosis and quick intervention if needed.

Based on history and experience it is very important to develop a system which can monitor and report the condition of the equipment at the offices, grocery stores, cold rooms and so on, most importantly during closed hours.

Power failure and high temperature are identified disastrous indication for most of the incidents which need to be reported instantly.

Reporting mechanism will be based on the GSM network via SMS or GPRS to the server mobile phones.


- Remote power monitoring (Power Loss, Volts, Amps …) with sensors
- SMS will be sent to the programmed numbers for any events or alarm.
- Integration into digital or analog system for remote alarm notification
- Threshold for temperature alarms allows convenient notification and increase safety.


Reporting temperature measurement of the refrigerators, server rooms, stores, and cold rooms etc.
Room temperature or environment monitoring.
Real-time monitoring and alarming of power variable
Monitor optional items (lights, burglar, voltages AC, DC, fire …) in the premises, sensors will be needed depending on the requirement.


  • Get alert message from equipment for every change of state.
  • Installed at every site with appropriate interface / sensors.
  • Data transmission to central server or mobile phones via SMS or GPRS.
  • Equipped with 24 hours backup power.
  • Unit maintains GSM signal from neighboring cell site, if the actual location is down.





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